The FXJ125 is the entry model in the FXJ series. A mid-range hammer designed for use on mini excavators, excavators and boom systems. The drivers are all impressed by the performance of the device. Standard integrated piston stroke adjustment prolongs or shortens the stroke and allows to customize the impact energy to the material to break. The monoblock design reduces components, wear and maintenance.






Operating Weight





Operating Pressure




16 - 18

Oil Flow 




70 - 120

Impact Rate




400 - 1000

Rod Diameter 





Sound Power Level 





Base Machine Weight 




9,0 - 16






Moil rod

Multi purpose applications, including breaking of extra hard rock, hard rock, hard stone and reinforced concrete, as well as excavation of bedrock.





Wedge rod

Concrete breaking, excavation of bedrock, operations on the face of slopen, excavation of ditches, etc.





Flat rod

Secondary breaking in quarries, boulder breaking, concrete breaking and slab breaking.





Each FRD breaker comes with a toolbox free of charge.





Authentic FRD hoses are known for their high reliability and durability.





FRD Senci Lube is a one unit design and a single shot type. The greasing amount is adjustable and only two hoses are required. FRD Senci Lube is easy to install and give the breaker exactly what it needs.


FRD Authentic Grease

Sencio Blue - Rod grease is a lithium-complex soap grease based on mineral oil. It has good separation efficiency and reduces wear at high surface loads and temperatures up to 11oo degrees.


Sencio White - BIO Rod grease based on selected, rapidly biodegradable, synthetic esters, which give a very stable lithium saponified grease. Sencio BIO Rod grease has been awarded the European Ecolabel, registration no. DE/027/089.

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